Monday, 1 August 2016

Kasina professional

Totally fallen in love with the Kasina Professional Eyelashes lately!The lashes I have on are #28 they are quite bold looking ones but look sooo good!

If your a eyelash fan like me you will know it is really important to see how many times you can reuse lashes! Depending on the brand lashes can be reused a lot. Kasina say their lashes can be used up to 5 times! I think more :-)

These lashes are amazing quality for an amazing price!
I have a whole range from them so I will be sharing all of them as times passes which I am excited to show you all!

Eco friendly, Cruelty free, made with tapered ends and also human hair!

I have lots more lashes from these guys so Im very excited to show each and everyone as time passes!

Check out all the range here



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