Monday, 22 August 2016

Things not to forget when on social media..

We have all been their; at least that what's I believe where we have struggled with self confidence in one way or another. That being said I struggled with most with self confidence when I started high school. As many people do! Your entering a big part of your life (well that's what it seemed like back then!) It took me 2 years to understand that I didn't need to compare my self to anyone, that is was unhealthy if you did to much comparison.

As time goes by especially with social media becoming more and more mainstream and powerful we are getting caught up in the whole what is real and what is a illusion.

I have read so many blogs and watched so many videos of how people are comparing themselves to the people say they see on instagram! I am no stranger to this either - while social media is amazing it can also be very negative and over powering when used wrong.

Instagram is one of my favourite platforms! You just gotta remember most people only are showing the good bits and highlights on their life! Because after all who wants to show the bad days?! No one!

You cant tell whether people are pretending or not can make you feel miserable  and left wondering why isn't your life this good or why aren't you jetting around the world?

Just remember no one promotes the bad days - while everyone does promote the good days.

I have so many role models that I found through Instagram, at first It wasn't easy to watch them post photos of their amazing life and what they do day to day and I was left feeling miserable and like nothing I did could compare.

But  I quickly turned the negative into a positive, by creating that life I wanted.. by focusing on my own goals, hopes and dreams and taking instagram more as a motivation to what I want more than what I haven't got. Don't forget to focus on yourself and what you want to achieve.

This is a short but hopefully sweet post! I have been seeing so many people feeling social media pressure and comparing that I wanted to have my say!



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