Thursday, 4 August 2016

Getting my protein fix with Bodylab!

So what is BodyLab? Well let me explain it short and sweet!
Protein that is specifically designed for a woman's body, so what this means is that the ingredients are in the normal protein. No added creatine, no bulky muscles. Its a simple blend made with plan based compounds to help burn that body fat of as well as getting lean and keeping you feeling amazing through your workout. Created for women by women. Oh and did  I mention only 80 calories!

If your from the US I am sure you have saw Jenifer Lopez all over this, ad let me honest she looks pretty damn fine! So she's doing something right! This is the TastyShake™ Total Protein Complex

I use it before going to workout around 30 mins before or a hour if possible! Unlike other proteins I found this very easy and smooth to drink almost like a treat drink! The raspberry flavour tastes so refreshing.

During workouts we all get tired .. right? Well I mean I do (haha) I found when I drank this I could last more longer without feeling out of breath.

I take it in a pint sized shaker which is a lot to drink so if you think its to much for you I would go for half as it is really filling I found.

So, its your body! What will you do with it?



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