Friday, 5 August 2016

Proactiv+ Repairing Concealer Quad

Back when I tried the Proactiv+ 3 step skincare I fell in love with the brand.
Little did I know they have a makeup line just starting out I am guessing!  You can shop the product here.

I got to try the Proactiv+ Repairing Concealer Quad with 4 shades in, my first expectations was high! After all this is a skincare brand... if they cant work magic then who can....

The packaging is really simple and good size for carrying around for touch up during the day with a mirror included in the compact!

Here are the 4 shades, Light-Medium-Tan-Dark. The perfect combination for contouring?!
I did try to contour with it and was really impressed how it turned out although I never contour hardly.

The formula wasn't too creamy like you expect in a concealer such as the nars or urban decay, which made me a little nervous to put on my skin never mind under my eye bags!

It includes salicylic acid (1.5% to be exact) to help treat blemishes as it conceals them which is something I always look for in a makeup product! I love the feeling off my skin being treated while still having makeup on! So if you are covering a blemish you can be reassured its helping and not making it worse!

I took the lightest shade under my eyes where I was happily surprised how it didn't make the fine lines stand out or increase the dryness that I had at the time. It brighten up the area quite nice.

Covering a red blemish with this is also really effective, as for blemishes that maybe more on the fresh side.. I found it difficult to blend in as the formula is quite a thicky texture like I said before.

Overall I have continued to use the product and has been inputted into my routine most days!



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