Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Welcome to the new blog!


Good morning, afternoon or evening wherever you may be in this crazy big world!
Welcome to my new blog :-)! Yey! I am super excited, I have been planning and working on this for a few months now.

I wanted a change a different feel and vibe so .. here we are. I am so sad to say bye to my other blog! After 2 whole years it taught me so much as well as making me grow as a person and have the best opportunities ever.

So the design has stayed so what similar a simple layout with easy navigation. It very clean cut still.
I am so proud of a lot of the posts I did on my first blog that I will be just inputting some on this blog here and there, just so I can have them up!

I am so excited to expand my blogging even more than what it is now!


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