Thursday, 8 February 2018

3 Things You Should Always Keep Private

One of the most notable characteristics of someone is the ability to be discreet, not hiding anything but more so just living a happy private life. Keeping matters private not only creates a sense of trust and mystery but its kind of protocol and good manners. When we come out with a personal problem/confidential matter, we give a invitation to others into that space even if we mean not too.

The other day I noticed so many people on social media think they have a right to ask you personal things because they see 10 percent of your life. In fact I get so many messages on Instagram asking me things I would never be answering about my personal life.

So what are some of the no-go topics? I'm sharing '3 Things You Should Always Keep Private'. Of course there are many aspects of life that we should keep to ourselves (at the very least only choose to confide in parents, doctors, partner or closest friend)

For me there is 3 that really stand out that I keep private.  Love life, income and your next big move. In a world where everything and everyone is over exposed don't tell your life to anyone who is willing to listen

Don't give people the privilege of knowing everything about you with the exceptional to close family and ride or die friends.
 1. LOVE LIFE - Whether a relationship, just getting to know someone or anything intimate between two people should only be enjoyed by the 2 parties who are involved! The 'bedroom' so speak is something you should/want to keep private.. because really is it anyone else's concern? Sure we all have a friend or two that we spill the juicy gossip too or just like guys we DO sit around and talk everything to do with the 'men' topic.  What I'm hinting to is don't have your words spilling out to a co-worker on a Monday morning during a coffee break! Not everyone is going to be happy for you and they will voice that, so why even give them chance? I have never ever put anything of a relationship near social media.. purely down to the fact does making it on social media mean we made it in real life? Sure I may hint or you may see a insight from time to time but that's it. Whatever circumstance your love life should be not hidden but private.   Remember ... never kiss and tell.

2. INCOME - Ok so unless your applying for a house or purchasing something extravagant that requires you to expose your income your money should never be a topic of any conversation. Discussing with friends or even family members can bring bitter emotions towards a person if they think someone else is earing more or managing money better. Its a polite and right thing to do, who else is spending your income? Lets be real money makes the world go round as much as some people hate to think it (that paper controls us) The amount of money we earn, have or even saved makes people automatically judge us. I took someone on vacation once as a surprise and I had work colleagues and friends asking me "how did you afford that" "where are you getting your money from" Almost as if it was a terrible thing I did. All you need to know is your money is your business. NOTHING good can come from sharing your income.
3. NEXT MOVE -  Moving down the road? Moving to the other side of the world? Or just simply making your way up in the world? My advice is to stay tight lipped about future plans. A favourite quote of mine is "work hard in silence and let your success be the noise" The main reason for this is because you may have plans, goals and aspirations in life but you never know how they are going to unfold. You tell someone such as your going to go for a promotion or move to another job and it can become gossip that certain individuals will thrive off and get a kick out of. Make people see how your doing by your actions. Not all people have the best intention for you and not everyone is a well wisher. There is people who are silently waiting for your downfall.
I see so many people online sharing every details of their life down to the last details, and I cant help think why? I know so many people who think they know of me and my life but in fact they know nothing.  Just because something isn't on social media doesn't mean moves aren't being made ... ;)
Leave a little mystery it kills people.

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