Monday, 26 February 2018

Anatomicals Skincare

Anatomicals 'we only want you for your body' they say is a brand that I've always noticed and been drawn to because of their amazing packaging/branding. When you see their products you cant help but turn your eyes to their lively packaging.  The bright colours, fun packing and witty names make this brand a winner for me also not to mention their products really do work miracles.  

Anatomicals kindly sent some products over for me to try... safe to say I have tried the brand before and loved it so I was excited. 
  • sud the lot of you get lost grime body cleanser.
  • get outta my face dirtball apricot face scrub.
  • the toning cucumber face mask lettuce give thanks for it.
  • grease isn't the word tell me more tell me more. (if you don't know, then why don't you!?)
  • I feel the need, the need for seaweed calming algae face mask.
I think the best thing about Anatomicals and any brand is when they really do work and super affordable! I've had £50 gold masks before that and...well.. I don't even!
Looking good, smelling good and feeling good is what this brand is aiming to do for everyone.

When heading to the Anatomicals site everything is priced in euros but not to worry as they ship UK and worldwide. If you are from the UK in the past I have picked them up from ASOS and Harvey Nichols before.  One pack of a face mask or any of the other products goes a long way and I'm talking up to 3/4 uses.  Well I guess I'm assuming that over my face size. If your into skincare or even mask crazy like myself then you have to pick these up because you really cant go wrong.

I have tried the apricot face scrub before its a real hard scrub that will make any dead skin cells gone for sure. I haven't used it yet this time round as its cold here in the UK my skin is super sensitive .. safe to say I'm protecting it like a billion pounds.

The amount of seaweed masks I have tried is really endless. You name it I've tried it.
This calming algae mask is just what my skin needs right now to keep it balanced and feeling soft. Smells super yummy too. Perfect for sensitive skin gals like me too.

The Anatomicals  sud the lot of you Papaya Mango body cleanser is a all natural product like everything from the brand that I also tried this week.

This inviting cleanser has exotic scents of mango and papaya which smells amazing almost good enough to eat and leaves your skin feeling soft and smooth.  What else could you want?

My final thoughts are that I love this brand, how they sell themselves and represent really gets my vote. I will always have something in my skincare draw from these guys at Anatomicals and recommend to anyone.

Happy cleansing!



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