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Gild Hall - A Thompson Hotel Review

As most of you probably know I visited New York recently for the first time. I loved it. Its definitely  fair to say I explored the city up and down for a week straight. This review is going to be on Gild Hall which is a hotel by Thompson

Its no secret I am picky when it comes to hotels. I want to my hotels to be boutique, luxurious and above all, in a thriving location.  When choosing a hotel I really do my research and prefer to trust personal recommendations from family, friends even fellow bloggers are great. I will be researching up to a year in advance sometimes. Especially if its a destination I haven't visited before.

Gild Hall is a luxury boutique hotel located in the heart of the new Lower Manhattan that you wouldn't guess was even their. A side to Wall Street you never knew existed Financial District brings the unseen side of Wall Street to life and I really enjoyed it. Its a great hotel in a quiet and convenient location in walking distance to most major attractions. Such as ground zero, brooklyn bride, brookfield plaza and west fields as well as close to downtown soho and little Italy.

I stayed at Gild Hall for 3 nights during my city break to New York. I cant complain about anything. Firstly, the location is perfect like I mentioned above. Close walking distance to a lot but also you have near by subways to take you anywhere you want to go. Around Lower Manhattan you have lots of quirky food places everywhere. You would never be at a loss of where to grab a quick bite or for a meal.  The hotel also has its own restaurants Felice Ristorante which is a mature Tuscan eatery with a damn good wine list.  The vibe in Felice Ristorante is a warm, cozy vibe that makes you wonder are you in NYC or Florence. Felice is open to the hotel guests and public.

Gild Hall also have a tasteful looking wine bar upstairs named La Soffitta . Quick drinks after a busy day or a catch up with friends you couldn't be disappointed being surrounded by elegant custom lighting, glowing bottle-lined walls (so cool).  I really loved how tasteful the décor was designed.

BE ITALIAN- Because what else? This big piece of art really stood out and by the looks of it everyone who has ever possibly stayed at Gild Hall has also photographed this.

Surprise Surprise that I had a smoked salmon bagel huh..? Not really. The photo doesn't do the bagel any favour's. My food photography skills are going to get better. They have too! Especially for someone who loves food!!  The breakfast menu was soo good. I could of easily chosen everything.

If the food isn't in your stride you are in a great spot being right near and in walking distance of a few bars/restaurants.

If your a Starbucks lover like me then you will be happy to know there is one right across the road. I mean what could go wrong.. not like I had 2/3 everyday .. moving on.

Everyone I spoke to before heading to New York let me know how you shouldn't expect a large style room.. I asked why?  I got the response " because its New York" quite a few times. The rooms at Gild Hall are the perfect size and the layout is smart. They use the space wisely. The room was just the right size. It wasn't the largest room ever but for sure not the smallest.

You can choose from staying in:
  • King Superior
  • King Deluxe
  • King Premium
  • Double Deluxe
  • King Suite
  • Thompson Suite
  • Penthouse Suite

    Obviously like any hotel depending on which room you decide to stay in will reflect in the price.
    All the rooms are designed by Jim Walrod who was an assistant art director for the Italian fashion house, Fiorucci. The Italian style comes into play again within the room and hallways.
    I have to comment on how comfy the beds was. I never slept so good like that in any hotel bed!  400 thread count sferra linens are not going to disappoint. The hotel area is really quiet at night time, which some people find hard to believe.. especially in the middle of the hustle and bustle that we call Wall Street where nothing stops!
    The bathroom was stylish. The lighting was .. well selfie approved. Lets just saying the lighting of dreams. Haha.

    Restaurant Hours
    Mon – Sat: 6:30am – 10:30pm
    Sun: 7:00am – 10:30pm
    Room Service Hours
    Mon – Sat: 6:30am – 10:30pm
    Sun: 7:00am – 10:30pm

    Some hotels don't offer room service as the same hours the restaurant where as Gild Hall does. The menu is impressive. Something for everyone. The rooms also have a book like a guide but not as such for food places in the area! Bonus! Love that.
    The hallways are filled with amazing photos. I'm pretty sure every guest has been and looked at all photo they have around the hotel. They are definitely striking.
     You walk in and are immediately impressed by the lobby décor. You have to take it all in and look around everything. Leather, wood, candles make the lobby relaxing and a comfy place to sit an do some laptop work in the mornings, afternoons or evenings.
    The staff at the front desk are lovely. I mentioned when I visit anywhere if the staff are nice and really show attentive to you then the visit feels 100x better and welcoming. Its safe to say the front desk staff got a lot of questions from me, nothing was too much! They value their guests is more than impressive when a hotel is non-stop.
    Staying with Gild Hall during my first ever trip to New York made me love and discover a side to the city I never thought was even there. The perfect boutique hotel in area you wont be disappointed by.
    A big thanks to all the staff who made me comfy during my stay and Thompson Hotels; Gild Hall for hosting this stay.
    Thompson hotels have hotels in all different locations as you can see down below.
    If I ever cross any of the locations I will be for sure to stay with Thompsons.
    I'm going to be writing about my time in New York as a whole, so keep an eye out!
    NYC is really the city that doesn't sleep, but there is something so memorizing that you will for sure never be able to forget.
    I loved this crazy, busy and vibrant city and wouldn't fail to take a trip again at any given point.

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