Monday, 19 February 2018

Benefit's BADgal BANG Mascara

If any makeup item I struggle with its mascara. If it isn't too clumpy then its the wand that smudges everywhere and if it isn't that then it doesn't do nothing at-all.  I feel like I'm forever searching for the be all end all mascara. I've had a maybe 2 mascaras that have amazed me which includes the Charlotte Tilbury 5-in-1 mascara for perfect eyelashes and yes the Benefit's new BADgal BANG Mascara.

If your A game is strong on social media then you pretty much cant of missed this launch, if so where was you? I was confused how many people thought the new product launch was silly or unnecessary I guess everyone is entitled to an opinion but hating on a launch isn't getting any of us anywhere. 

Benefit is known for their over the top launches and why the hell not? If you've created a brand and a new product that your proud of wouldn't you do a big launch? I think so! Besides would you say no to hopping over to the Maldives?

The Badgal packaging is sleek and smooth. Its so lightweight too! The wand is really light and almost like it isn't in your hand. Its a matte type packaging so if your someone who throws there makeup into a bag it is going to get dirty. After my first use I knew why everyone was going crazy for this product.  Benefit claim its a 36 hour wear... I mean what? Also apparently tested on 21 women.
The gravity defying formula contains aero-particles which is one of the lightest materials you can find in space technology. Cool right? The brush is slim and meant to reach corner to corner on your lashes.  For me my lashes are naturally fair because I am, but one coat of this makes such a difference I was truly shocked. You can coat up lots on this if you please but 1/2 times is perfect enough for me.  I would say it is a 'wet' product in some ways when using it little specks can fall out onto your face (everyone's worst mascara nightmare) It does also take a few second to dry so my advice don't sneeze to soon! Just saying.


Over 300 different sized bristles in the brush makes it a dream to get every single last lash coated up with ease. The wand is very very flexible you really don't need a heavy hand. I think Benefit's really done an amazing job with this mascara and are onto something with the whole lightweight space particle's thing.

Final thoughts
This is my everyday mascara now as I reach for it 9/10 times. I recommend this to anyone with any sort of lashes but if you are someone like me with fair lashes this will do a winning job. Benefit really outdid themselves with this, I also love the fact they do a travel size so if your not sure its the mascara for you or cant justify spending £21.50 then the travel one is £10.50.

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