Monday, 20 February 2017

Protein World: 30 Day Challenge first thoughts and results.

Last week I started the 30 day challenge with Protein World in collaboration with UNiDAYS as part of the new year revolution campaign.

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If your not aware of what UNiDAYS is its a free platform with perks for students. Once you sign up for free and prove your a student (so easy) you have access to the best student discounts and coupons not just online but in store too. They are teamed up with lots of retailers to bring you the best discounts! Protein World being one of them which I think is great and you get a big 30% off here

I have to be honest and say at first I was super nervous to start this. I can barley stick to a sleeping pattern 7 days a week never mind a 30 day challenge. As it just so happens a new year resolution of mine was to get back on track in every possible way including getting healthier and fitter. So here we are a week and half later and I have stuck to the challenge so far; its more like I've inputted it into my daily life routine so its a norm now.

Included is: The slender blend chocolate porridge, slender blend shake also in chocolate, hunger buster and fat metaboliser capsules. The slender range is a low calorie but high protein shake. Less than 150cals per serving and still tastes so good!

The chocolate protein powder shake is my favourite out of everything. I found it super east to place it into my daily routine of drinking/eating. Like everything in life I had to get use to the taste for the first 3 days.. after that I couldn't even tell. I really enjoy drinking it everyday now too. It cant be used as a meal replacement if you are trying to loose weight but I don't want to write about how you should replace it and not eat! No no and no. I am using this to help me tone up and get healthy as well as keeping me going through gym sessions or hard working days. I have used it once a day to replace myself snacking of bad things! It has really helped and I feel better than every right now. I will either have 1 shake or 2 a day depending on how I'm feeling. A booklet is provided of workouts and meal plans so if your feeling a tad lost no need to worry. I mostly mix 40g of the powder with 400mls of water. They also recommend blending it in with fruit smoothies. I am yet to try that combination.

Nutrition info:
Protein 24g
Calories 141
Fat 1.5g
Saturated fat 0.5g

I have loved porridge since I was a tiny girl! It was my favourite  breakfast every morning before school especially on the winter mornings. Their wasn't quite anything like waking up to a hot bowl of porridge. I kind of knew I wasn't going to mind having this most mornings. I have the chocolate porridge around 4 times a week with strawberries, bananas on top. It makes it just a little most enjoyable as it is protein porridge its a little grainy as expected. Around 8:30 am is when I have breakfast most days the porridge fills me up till lunch time usually around 12:30pm.. and if I do get snacking the shake is to the rescue!

Anything to do with weight loss and capsules everyone seems to be worried and think they are dangerous. Its true in some situations too many off them is bad for you also like anything in life.

I have also give my friends/family a talk about how the protein world fat metaboliser and hunger buster capsules are safe for me. I had concern .. which I suppose is common.

Fat metaboliser - for the first week take 1 in the morning and 1 in the afternoon with meals. For the second week and onwards take 2 in the morning and 2 in the afternoon with meals again. They have green tea and caffeine included in them to give you a boost! Increases metabolic rate obviously.

Green Tea.
Vitamin B6
Vitamin B12

Hunger buster capsules are what they say they are. All natural filled with fibre to help control your appetite which comes with helping weight loss. The special ingredient's off Konjac Glucomannan fibre gives the stomach a feeling off fullness like you just ate. Its tottaly safe and causes no harm what so ever.  I take one of these with my breakfast every morning so hopefully I don't get hungry till lunch time.

Phewww! I feel like I just went on forever and more. I've really been enjoying my first week with the 30 day challenge with Protein World so I guess I just wanted to share it and put it out.

Remember if your a student to sign up to UNiDAYS for the 30% off Protein World and for amazing discount across other brands. 
I will be weekly updating how my progress is going. On the last week I am also going to include a start photo and end photo! I have all ready had big improvements but ill keep that for the next post!

Stay fit!


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