Thursday, 9 February 2017

Nip + Fab

Nip + Fab are one of my all time favourite skincare brands. Since discovering last year I cannot get enough.. seriously.  I have noticed a lot of controversial over the brand especially surrounding the 'glycolic' range.

Like everything in this world it will work for some and not for others. I spent a good 5 months with having yes and no days with the glycolic range .. and I love it. I got my hands on some of their other pads and thought to do a little review because I love them so much! I'm going to go as far and say the brand is a real game changer.  Yup.

 Glycolic fix daily cleansing pads
The stand out ingredient is obviously the acid. Glycolic acid if you didn't already know is used quite regular in the industry today. From facials and skincare products that really produce results some people have been searching a long while for.

Glycolic is amazing at removing those dreadful, dead dull skin cells to reveal your new layer of fresh looking skin.

Glycolic acid is an alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) from sugar cane extract. The pads are 2.8% glycolic acid. It isn't too much or too little - its just the right amount that your skin could probably handle if your using them most nights like me. My skin is really sensitive and the pads seem to do amazing.  Some people seem to have a problem with their being fragrance / alcohol in the products. But unless your turning your whole skincare into a new road then what really doesn't have fragrance and alcohol in anymore? I'm pretty sure the pollution is more bad for the skin ..

Glycolic fix night cleansing pads extreme

Basically take all I just said about the milder pads apart from the extreme pads have more glycolic in of course! This being a high 5% also included is salicylic acid to help unclog the skin. I don't use them every night maybe 3 times a week. I also must mention never forget SPF even if its not the sunniest of day the sun is still their and can get you through the clouds! Revealing a new layer of skin will also make you more prone to the sun really getting to your face.

Its chalk and cheese. Some people say they are wayyy to sensitive while others say they have tried more extreme. 

Bee sting fix toning pads

I mean if you've got bee venom in your products we are defiantly talking business. Its a natural product and has worked amazing for so many years. (DONT KILL A BEE IF YOU SEE ONE, THANKS!)

These pads are aimed to hydrate, firm and plum the skin. The pads also have the amazing ingredient of witch hazel which has also been around for many years. It tightens the pores while really getting in deep to the skins barrier.  I love these pads to wipe over my face before applying makeup! I feel it gets my makeup routine ready and makes me glow.  You cant go wrong .. and after a week of using my pores are soo much smaller! Its a miracle really (thanks bees)

Ok, last one!
Teen skin fix breakout rescue pads.

Ok so lets not take the word 'teen' too much into this. As yes it is a range that is safe for teens young skin that is still developing .. but also good for us adults with really sensitive skin!!
I noticed so many older people trying the teen range out because its not to strong or overboard.

With a slight more subtle approach they include wasabi extract which again is a natural product to help fight against all the bacteria are skin is faced with every single day. They still have salicylic acid but lets not forget that salicylic is present in certain plants... so no harm.

I really like these pads for when I think my skin needs a little breather from my skin care routine.

So, Final thoughts?

I love all the pads nip and fab offer. I have yet to try dragons blood and kale pads.
This is just a little summary in my own words, there website isn't short of information you may want to know!

Remember ... always take care of your skin .. it will thank you some day ... ;)



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