Saturday, 4 March 2017


I've been having a bloggers block recently ... not with motivation but struggling to write something that I would read myself.. I love reading other peoples blog as it brings ideas to my head.. I accidently clicked on a page of people revealing their fondest childhood memories .. it got me thinking.. what a great idea for a post! I have lots of childhood memories but some stick out more than others!

Childhood memories are so much different to watch children will have these days!
I didn't have a phone, ipad or xbox when I was young! I actually went outside and got muddy believe it or not.
So here are my favourite's .. you can probably relate ..

 Playing in the sand, collecting seashells from every beach I went too. No joke I walked the whole beach to find the most eye pleasing seashells. I had the biggest seashell collection. Being at the beach has always been one of my favourite things.

 Making daisy chains and wearing them around your head.. if theirs daisy's around no doubt their was about to be a whole lot of DIY going on.. I feel like everyone had to have done this as a child at some point..

Falling asleep on a car journey home.. and waking up in your bed! Magic,? I thought so.

Making holiday friends! This is something that a lot of people still do.. but as a child it was so much easier! Holiday friends.. the ones you either would never see again or you swapped msn addresses!

Summer water fights although pretty sure everyone still has them now.. when the English weather lets us! Summer when I was small seemed longer.. hotter. Like it went on forever.

Sliding on the grass in school uniform which no parent was happy about.

Baking with my nan. From cakes to home made ice lolly's!

Rocking about 10 stick on tattoos and thinking you really was the coolest kid on the block.

These memories are just a few and their is plenty more and plenty more personal ones. I have 100's if not thousands of pictures. I feel like people don't take photos and print them out anymore because we have smartphones. Its a sham really because there is nothing more I love than looking at old photos.

What's you best childhood memory?



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