Sunday, 5 March 2017


As much as I want to be adventurous with makeup I tend to stick to the same kind of products I've always trusted. I mean why replace something when its not broke?  I do tend to switch up things from time to time when I see someone rave about a product so much then I will buy it

Learning what makeup suits your skin best can take soo long! In-fact its a never ending process. I have found holy grail items that I use for my “everyday” makeup look. I've used them for 2 years and still repurchasing them up-to today. I am truly and utterly obsessed with them. These are the must have for me. I have never not had them in my collection for the past 2 years.

Its a classic and a big hit for a lot of people.
Its priced at £18.00 which considering how long it lasts isn't to extreme. All products will be linked.

Mist of water packed with vitamins, minerals, infused with a blend of green tea, chamomile and cucumber to gently soothe and leave the skin feeling refreshed.
I grab this everyday for making pigments look more intense. Such as eye shadow and highlights.
I also spritz is all over the face once complementing my makeup look.

I've raved about this product before and will continue to. Its my go to concealer I have the shade 'chantilly' the lightest of the whole collection. Its amazzzing! Really I cant get enough of what a lightweight yet such a good coverage this thing is! Its ranged at £23.00 from NARS.

Again this is another go to for so many people are for me. I had no plan of loving this as much as I do. When purchasing it nearly 2 years ago I wasn't expecting to be impressed. I mean 50% love the other 50 hate. I was surprised as my whole take on MAC foundations was they would break me out and leave my face feeling like I had just applied a paint tub, lol. Its so lightweight and if your like me and want good coverage everyday its perfect! No regrets. None atall . £23.50 from MAC

Another NARS product. I cant get enough of the brand. This is my go to bronzer and I am yet to find one I love like this. Its easily buildable but if your looking for that effortless look it also has that. I know so many people who love this and use it religiously like me. The best thing about it is that it suits all skin types from pale skin like me all the way to really dark. Cult classic and award winning, need I say anymore?
£29.00 NARS

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