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 I read so many blogs about being body confident and loving the skin your in so I want to talk about body confidence. Being body confident is easier said than done with social media, magazines and everything else in the present telling us how we should look its harder than ever to break through and be confident in the skin your in. Even the most confident people that you just look at and cant believe one can look like that are sure to have days where they struggle. After all we are all only human so.
It can actually be quite of a downer.  Even though I eat well and exercise I am guilty of social media stalking until the point where I feel uncomfortable in my own body and for the rest of the night I am completely upset and left wondering how and why I can look like this and why I don't. I have to shut down Instagram to stop me feeling like that .. I am not the only one lets be real.

The Perfect Body - Everyone has a different idea of what they want their body to look like. Lets be real there is no perfect body shape. Jennifer Lawrence may be my motivation but to someone else 
they may adore Kim Kardashian's body and want to look like that. Everyone's body is different and everybody's idea of how they wish to look is different! That's the good thing. My body goals may be totally different to yours.. but at the end of the day if your happy with your own body or how your working towards the body you would like that's the goal. Your body hears everything your mind says so be kind!


For me, it's about confidence and happiness. Size doesn't matter. Happiness and confidence does. 
Best Advice - It's about how you feel in yourself not anything else. Being confident in yourself with show to the world. It will glow of you. The kind of glow that people say pregnancy gives you.

When I was young someone told me never to step on a scale! I refuse to step on something that leaves me thinking is this the right weight for me? When I say its about how you feel in yourself I mean do you feel comfortable in your clothes your wearing? Could you put on a pair of heels and feel like your about to take over the world?? Its 95% in the mind. I say it all comes back to the whole 'law of attraction vibe' Its important that if you are trying to achieve a certain body look to not rush it and go at your own pace. For example looking thorough Instgram and see fitness models and your thinking you need to look like that you could go for a whole week healthy eating and exercising pushing yourself to the limit only for the next week to be binge eating. I will admit I've done it been their and felt awful. Its important to make the change in your own pace without anything feel forced. 

Turning Envy Into Motivation - Something that really helps me is when I see an incredible pretty woman on social media you know after telling myself she may be filtered and even not trying to breathe out. I use it as my kick ass motivation. I think how I want to look like that and be ready to rock my beach body. Not because its the 'ideal' way to look but because I am happy looking like that. Once I started doing this I felt so much happier in myself wherever along the line I was. Its all about the mind don't let it trick you.. turn your negative thoughts into a positive energy. Don't get me wrong most of the girls I see on social media who are fitness based work damn hard. Comparing yourself really is the thief of joy.

Make It A Routine Get Into A Habit  - You never regret a work out trust me you walk in feeling like its the worst idea ever but walk out feeling like a total boss. After 2 hours of working out and sweating I feel so motivated to do it all again the next day! I used the 21 day rule to get into the habit. If you haven't heard of it its basically 21 days to form a new habit if you can keep it up for those days then it will be inputted into your life. I have tried it on many other things in life and safe to say it does work if you put your mind to it! When someone tells me they want to change something about their life maybe how they want to cut out a certain food I tell them to stop for 21 days and see after that.

 If I feel crap about my body or I'm having a bad body confidence day I'll go to the gym or take a bath and pamper myself. When your angry and pissed about something the best thing to do is sweat it out. Some don't like going to the gym or just don't have the time. Home workouts are great. In your own personal space. There are thousands' if not even more home workouts on the internet and google. I use them a lot at the most random times.

Lacking Confidence -  Everyone in this world has unconfident days its human. For me, it's when I walk into a room full of new people, walking into crowded places or even on the beach.

Around 3/4 years ago I used to suffer with crazy nerves and confidence. As I've got older it has slowly disappeared and not so much of a big issue now. Don't get me wrong it sneaks up sometimes and I have to try and over power it.

Everyone deals with their confidence in different styles, for me if Im going to a event I know I need to feel confident I'll get my hair done I always feel way more confident when my hair has been done or makeup.
When I've planned a vacation that I need to be in a bikini every day, I'll make sure I fit in my gym sessions at least 3 months before hand and change my eating habits to something more healthier.  Having that goal is a great way to push you and inspire yourself. Be your own motivation .. when you see a change in yourself for the better you can look back and be inspired.

There are plenty of books about helping with body image, self confidence, feeling comfortable in your own skin. They are my favourite types of books to read and really motivate me.



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