Thursday, 4 August 2016

How I help my sleep with Holland and Barrett

If your not aware from my other blog I have a really bad case of not sleeping.. AKA insomnia! Basically hitting the pillow running! Aaargh, I have had it for about 3 years now. I have tried lots of professional medical things etc.. it seems so unfair. When leading a busy life and being worn out a lot of the time a good nights sleep is an essential or a far away memory (ha ha)

I never thought about trying simple things such as teabags or mists that are meant to daze you off.

Holland and Barrett have a great range of most things but I noticed they have a really big collection of natural products to try tackle the whole sleep issue for those of us who have it.

I have wrote a past post about my best tips on a good nights sleep you can check it out here.

Heath & Heather Night Time tea bags are amazing. I honestly never normal take up other types of tea apart from 3 I already drink, but I have really took a liking to these guys I think its because they are scented with peppermint so much! I love that smell, it instantly caught me. It has blends of camomile flowers combined with fruits and spices calms your mind which is perfect for calming down at the end of the day.

I've been drinking this around 2 hours before I plan to sleep, if I feel I need more I will just replace it with my normal drink at night time to really make it kick in.

Miaroma Relaxing & Hydrating Lavender & Coconut Spritz and Miaroma Relaxing Lavender Bath  Oil if you love the smell of Lavender and Coconut this will be perfect for you. Lavender has always been related with relaxing and calm vibes. I have lots of lavender if my garden! I love the smell of it as long as its not to over powering. Because the spritz is mixed with Coconut it doesn't give of a harsh smell that is to much.
Its a spritz so you spray wherever pleases you! Whether that be on yourself, in the air or on your bed. Personally I like to spray it lightly over my bed sheets about 2-3 times before getting in to bed. This way it stays around longer and you can for sure smell it.
The Bath Oil is just Lavender based, so you need to like the smell to use this! As the bath heat evaporates the smell a lot! My whole bathroom smells of Lavender for a good 2 hours after this!
Having a bath before bed is relaxing anyway but adding that extra comfort really does the trick. Well for me anyways (I near enough fall asleep in the bath!)
I also must say if I feel like the spritz isn't working one night I will take the oil and blot it on a tissue and have it at the side of my pillow! You know like your mum with the olbas oil when you had a runny nose and cold! Well at least that's what my mum did!
Even though my sleeping is really bad right now I find these few things just to tone my head down and make me relax just that little bit more than normal .
Happy snoozing!


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