Saturday, 20 August 2016

Updated Brow Routine

On my old blog I did a brow routine which was probably some time last year, I think everyone changes how they do their brows to the products they use.

I have always used anastasia beverly hills and always been scared to even try any new products as we all know.. brows are very important to the face!

One of my favourite eyelash brands Eylure have now come out with a whole brow range!! (eee!) When I found this out I was super excited, they also have a good range of colours which Is important in any brow range.

 Also I would just like to thanks Norresa for not just sending me these but being one of the nicest PR Executives I have come in contact with!

So here is the Brow Amplifier Blonde
Brow Contour also in Blonde
Brush & Wand Duo for Creating the brows look
Brow Pomade Blonde

Of course I got the blonde colour as my hair is blonde and I like to keep my browns looking as near the colour as possible.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Pomade retails at around £15.00 which is quite a large amount considering how much product is in the little tub! Also not to mention it dries up sooo fast! Try the oil trick! I have purchased this so many time without second thought it works its good etc..

Brow Pomade Eylure retails at a impressive cost of £8.95 with more product in the jar. Everyone loves a good dupe for half the fraction so I couldn't wait to compare them both!

The brands both have a different idea to the colour 'blonde' but I guess every brand varies.

So while the 2 colours had a bit of difference the actual products did not. I even have found the Eylure has yet to dry up!

 The brow amplifier also stole its way into my everyday brow routine. Out of all the products I was mostly impressed with this one. Also at the price of £9.95 once again you cant go wrong in trying it out.

A long staying gel that builds, colours and tames the brows. I love using this to create the 'fading' effect at the start of the brows too it makes them look so smart and people have complemented my brows since using this!


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