Saturday, 30 July 2016

How to survive a Long-Haul flight

Long haul flights, you've even been their or not. I class long haul flights as anything more than 4+hours. I've done a good share of short and long haul flights and can say I find them both easy.

I have a friend who travelled for 3 hours and hated it! Couldn't wait to get off. I also have a friend who hates the thought of being on a plane for 5+hours!  You can either love long flights or hate! I've travelled since a really young age and it has never bothered me in the slightest.

After speaking to my friend and trying to convince her that its really not that bad on a flight for 10+hours I got inspired to write down the tips I told her to make it just that bit easier and more relaxing for someone who runs at the idea!

First things first! Don't set yourself up the disaster! What I mean by this is don't go into it thinking "Uh this flight is going to be hell" "I can not wait for this to be over"

If you have done long haul before and you know that you do find it difficult being sat in the same spot for a number of hours, why not consider upgrading? Of course this a extra price but will be so worth it. First class has a lot more comfort and room for you to feel more at ease than in economy unless travelling my a A380 (airbus) which all seats are pretty spacious!

Take a nap! Really, its easier than it sounds when your in the sky! With literally nowhere to go or no view change for hours, sleeping is your best friend! Before you know it 5 hours will go by! Just when I think I wont sleep on a flight I end up having a good nights sleep!

Load up on your devices... your phone, laptop , things to keep you entertained and busy. Normally long haul flights will have a selection of the newest movies to watch! Some airlines provide you with earplugs that are new and you can keep, but its always nice to have your own!

Make a check list of what you plan to do on this vacation or work trip. Write notes or plan ahead.

Hydration is just as important up their as it is when your feet are on the ground, if not even more important. Cabin pressure is dry and will air zap moisture from your skin. stock up on your bottled water and always bring hand creams.

Take a walk up and down the plane to stretch your legs, this will reduce a risk of DVT
Deep Vein Thrombosis. While some people are probably at a 0% chance of this its always good to stay safe.

Happy flying!

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