Friday, 8 July 2016

Clearista retexturizing gel

I cant believe I have never come across the brand Clearista before! I think its because its not so big in the UK as it is over in the US.

The Clearista Retexturizing Gel is a gentle gel designed to help skin problems and reduce. 
 It almost feels like an exfoliator as it has bead type product in which  believe is biodegradable jojoba ester.

I guess it will just make the process work better. My first thought when using was it was actually really rough and harsh on my skin I was worried it was going to dry my skin out! I waited for my skin to have a breakout before I used it so I could really test it and see, I haven't had much sleep lately which contributes to my skin looking tired and breaking out. I hoped for the best when I used it and was really wishing for a miracle within a product I have never tried before let alone even heard of!
  • 1st use - My skin felt refreshed and really clean I felt like it was the best thing for my skin to have at this time.
  • 2nd use - I started noticing a difference my skin was clearing up faster than normal..
  • 3rd use - My skin was clear again! 

After the 3/4 days of testing the product out It is safe to say I have used it every day and it has become part of my daily skincare routine and a go to product when my skin is having a tough time!



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