Saturday, 2 July 2016

All you need to know about Vivid Drinks

I love my cups of tea.. after all I am English ;)

Recently I discovered a brand called
Vivid Drinks they say that their drinks are
powered by organic matcha green tea
which is from japan!
Every carton contains natural caffeine and the
L-theanine which is to help busy brains stay
sharp and alert.

All of the Vivid drinks are 100% unsweetened
if you already wasn't aware sugar
is proven to negatively impact
the brains performance.

I was lucky enough to be sent the original unsweetened matcha green tea which came in a package with 24 drinks in to take the challenge of not drinking caffeine! I  have drank over just half of them I have been drinking them once or twice a day trying to replace my normal tea drinking throughout the day!

I was expecting the taste to be awful! As other green teas I have tried before I did not really take a liking too. I really love how Vivid tastes its a very subtle taste that is easy to drink. The UK has had some of the hottest weather for the past week and this has been the drink I have found my self reaching for out the fridge each time!

Not only has it been cooling me down but knowing that its doing me good is a extra.

You can shop all the range

I am going to continue to drink the matcha green tea until I have finished them all, I will then report back on how its influenced me to start replacing caffeine slowly!


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