Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Where have I been? Why I havent posted in a while..

Hey guys! This feels strange and refreshing to be writing this. I feel like in the past couple of weeks I've not been so present on social media or the blog as I should be or liked to be.

Social media and blogging is one of my biggest passions just like many people. I have been so busy with my job and life in general that I haven't had a second to sit down and breathe I almost feel like! It makes me sad that I pushed one of my passions behind me!

I so miss being present on the blog and social media! I miss writing about beauty,fashion,travel,advice .. etc

I am off to Mexico in 2 weeks which is super exciting! Its come at just the right time I will be able to relax and have a long think of what's next.. and it means some new exiting content for my channels!

I will be back to weekly posts soon.

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