Monday, 5 September 2016

OGX beauty

New hair products are always something I love finding, especially if they work and become my new favourites! Before putting OGX to the test I had previously noticed them on shelf's in my local supermarket. Little to say I never picked one up as I thought sure they have pretty packaging but highly doubt the product works. Ok I was wrong.. and that was silly of me. To put in context judging a book by its cover!! (sorry ogx hehe!)

OGX is one of the most fancy looking hair care brands around  with a huge range of hair products ranging from shampoos,conditioner and hair mists etc.

I have tried the Vitamin B5 range and ProVitamin B to help nourish the inner layer of every strand with moisture, while helping to rebuild damaged areas to give your hair a healthy, vibrant glow as everyone wants!

I am yet to try the other ranges as of yet! But reviews of them all will be coming when I have had chance to test!

                                             So what do I think of the vitamin range?

I fell in love after the first use of the products! They smell amazing and have made my hair (as they promised) healthier with a vibrant glow! OK lets be honest here does anyone every look at their hair and think wow this product is amazing!? Or do you just think sure my hair looks better than normal ...
With OGX I noticed the difference so quickly, my hair look 100 times more healthier and shiny! I literally sat in the mirror looking for a good 10 mins at how it changed it after a few uses. Little to say I have gone through the whole bottle without second thinking it!
There are a huge number of varieties in the OGX range, so you will defiantly find something for your hair!


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