Monday, 12 September 2016

Etched Drinks

Etched drinks is personalised alcoholic gifts, perfect for if your having a party, buying it for a present of just yourself!

They have a large range from craft lager to cocktails. The alcoholic drinks come from all over the U.K you can be assured they are the best. All the drinks are hand labelled and packed in Edinburgh.
I love the idea of sticking my own little quote or saying on a drinks bottle! Especially if its a gift to someone.

I chose the Vodka as when I do have a drink (rarely) I will have Vodka! I have saw this quirky quote around that I thought was funny so I chose this to put on! Its Blackwoods Botanical Vodka that's retailed at £45!

I really loved the taste of this, its not as strong as most Vodkas but that's a huge plus for me and probably a lot of you guys too! I don't drink to get drunks and not know what's going on! I drink to relax and unwind after a long week!

They say:
Five-times distilled vodka, lightly infused with hand-picked Shetland botanicals including Meadow Sweet, Sea Pink, Angelica & Marsh Marigold.
Undoubtedly smooth & rounded taste with a surprising yet satisfying earthy under note. Perfect for cocktails or for drinking neat.

Enjoy! xo

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