Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Why Mexico is my go to destination

Followed me for quite a while over on my social media? You will know Mexico is my go to place I always return to. Its kind of like my safe option I know what Im getting and I know its good. I am going to hit up some new places in the new year but also once again go to Mexico.. I have so many reasons why I go! Here are my top 4 If your looking to visit for the 1st time or endless times to the area of Playa del Carmen.

Short and sweet lets go!

  • Playa Del Carmen is a lot more relaxed than Cancun. I mean it obviously depends on the type of person and vacation you want. Depending on what trip I plan usually I want a relaxed vacation. Cancun has been named as "americanized" so its suited up for the Americans really.  Looking for a spring break trip then head to Cancun! But if not stay clear especially as American calendar holidays.  Playa del Carmen is laid back. More of a chill out by the beach place.. Don't get me wrong there is so much to do in Playa del Carmen if your looking to do it.. and just walks away! Its a no brainer for me every time.

  • Its safe. This is a big plus for me it is so safe. I have been to places before where I haven't felt so safe even if its branded as safe. I have been in some crazy situations when heading to explore a country's town. From my very first trip to Playa I knew it was for me. I stayed in 'Playa Car' this has security check points on the arrival of the homes an hotels in the area.  Also 5th Ave is so safe! I have touched on this in my 5 things to do in playa del Carmen post but I visited at night and day and equally both as safe. Nothing to worry about! Also I had to walk on the back streets a few times ok so a few people did turn eyes and must of thought "does this blonde girl know where she is" haha! No one bothered me and went about the normal day! :)

Taxi rides ..
  • The Mexican people are lovely. I mean how rare is it for about 99% of people you see on the street or in stores to smile at you ... unfortunately its really rare :-( For some reason Mexican are super kind! I mean the staff where I stayed are second best to none. (Currently writing a big review about the hotel) From walking the 5th Ave streets to being in taxis... they are nice kind people.

  • Its only going to get better. They are constantly on the go building new things and improving old things. This is a good sign. Tourists are going to be going here for a long long time to come. Its already a upcoming place for people to go.. I don't blame anyone. I love this place its like a second home as soon as I land.

Oh and Tequila is Mexican water ;) Be sure not to drink the Water.. only bottled or what your resort provides you with. I got told the water was ok to drink where I was or brush my teeth with but I haven't ever chanced it and not going to start!

adios amigos... xo


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