Monday, 7 November 2016

Repairing my hair from vaction heat damage; Coconut Water

After my vacation and a whole lot of sun my hair has been really dehydrated since coming back!
I miss the sun soooo much! But don't think my hair does. I have had a collection by OGX for a while now and been for the right moment to test them out. This was the perfect time to put the weightless hydration coconut water to the test.

Not only does the range smell amazing it has really made my hair back to its silky soft self.

The coconut water range includes shampoo, conditioner and a hydration oil.

What a perfect setting for this photo! Haha I am obsessed... a few days before returning home I started using the range as my hair was getting really dried up and I was so angry and at a loss of what to do!!  That's when I remembered I packed this set!

After 3 days of using the shampoo and conditioner my hair really improved the texture and the hydration was semi-what back.  To see the full effects it took about a week for my hair to be back to normal if not better and more shiny!! Also I was shopping in some local Mexican shops and I spotted some of the OGX range! I was literally like "what" "omg" I was super shocked to find it in the least most expected place! How awesome is that?!

What really made me love this brand and struck me is about the ingredient list on the bottles of these shampoos and conditioners is how little ingredients they have in. This is a good thing! It means the formula isn't packed with excessive chemicals and preservatives that a lot of products are.

We have all been hyped over coconut ingredient in everything! From skincare to even food! Coconut has got all your problems sorted! I kid you not my hair has never been as silky smooth! Everyone  has been commenting on it!

The hydration oil

Using oils/mists always worries me if they flatten the hair or make it look greasy. I use this before going to bed so in the morning it has all soaked in. Other times I use it is when I want more of a shiny look to my hair when I have a certain style in.

I really recommend the whole of OGX range not just coconut water! I have tried a lot of the range and so impressed!

Keep your hair healthy!!

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