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5 things to do In Playa Del Carmen or surrounding areas

As travelling to Playa Del Carmen Mexico more than once I think I have a good outlook on what do and what there is to see! This post is about 5 things you can do in the area which includes trips! Happy reading!!

I think when you go to a place like Playa Del Carmen the first thing you think of is going on the amazing trips that they have thousands of tourists going on each day. Yes this is true and the trips are really amazing but a simple walk down into 5th avenue will have you sorted for the whole day if not even returning!


5th avenue is one of the most famous Playa del Carmen attractions. It is lined with shops, bars, restaurants, cafe's, gelato shops (which I took good advantage of) From local little shops to designer. You can literally pick anything up from the mall here. Oh and of course a Starbucks stop each time didn't hurt!

Mermaid statue on the beach front! Helpful if you remember where it is so you don't get lost!

 One thing that a lot of family/friends have asked me about this place? Is it safe? To walk here at night! Yes! 5th avenue is full of tourists day/night and not to mention Mexicans are really friendly. I walked up in at night twice and felt just fine. Nothing to worry about but how much cash I spent ha!
Name brand shops range from Mac, Sephora , Zara , Forever 21 , Bershka , Body Shop and even bath and body works. You cant go wrong! Local Mexican shops are also along the long strand of 5th ave. The only thing that puts me off is the men calling to come into the shop.. and getting right up in your face! TIP: Wear a band around your arm to hide the hotels name you are staying at! Because believe me I heard "Im your waiter from the Riu Palace Mexico" far tooo many times! I know they are just trying to make some sales I get it! But I went in the shops that no one called me too.. as did a lot of other people. They would have more look if they just smiled and probably a lot more sales. Its not the worst place I've been to have people trying to hassle me into the shop. So it should defiantly not put anyone off.
3D Museum of Wonders  is something that we discovered by luck. It isn't promoted a lot and I think that is so wrong! Its great. The story behind the guy who created it all is really inspiring. Kind of pricey to get it.. about £45-£55 per person if I remember correctly; but you have a member of staff who takes all photos for you and shows you how to pose so the photos look amazing!
Don't mine my funky socks. No shoes allowed!

It takes a good hour and half on a weekday to get round the whole place. Apparently on weekends its packed full! So I'm glad I went during a week day. It really amazing and pleasing to the eye! I couldn't believe just one guy did all this. So talented.  His name is Kurt Wenner.
Now lets talk about trips I went to Xcaret eco-archaeological Park located in  Riviera Maya while I wasn't too impressed I wouldn't rule it out of your trip! It is a full day trip! Its a large place and whole lot of walking in the heat.  You do have to travel away from Playa Del Carmen but its not so long.
From the trails of Xcaret to discover how the Mayan jungle and culture of Mexico come together there is more than 20 exciting attractions. It does have something for everyone at Xcaret if you are a nature lover you have to visit the Jaguar Island its a nice viewing. The Butterfly Pavillion where butterfly's just land on you was also a big hit for me! All pretty colourful butterfly around you.

Of course the  Caribbean Sea is everywhere you look. Choose from a snorkelling tour or swim in underground rivers which is what I did.  The water was freezing! As soon as I popped my foot in I was thinking oh no! You swim underground for about 30mins! So be aware you have to be a confident swimmer as there is nowhere to get out when swimming around the caves.  A life jacket is provided with flippers to keep you going! It was icy cold but I would totally do it again as its a beautiful site.

Swimming with dolphins is also a option.  But I 100% disagree with this and would never support that. So moving on.  As the evening draws to a close there is a show called "Xcaret Mexico Espectacular", a celebration party of light and colour with 300 artists that will take you through the history of Mexico.. its a big show and the actors are great.

So after a good 40 mins of swimming you come out with a view of the ocean with lots of hammocks and white sand. Hence the looks of I've been dragged through the water but still trying to look put together! Ha ha.
If your not too adventures in going out then right on the beach front of most hotels In Playa they have water sport activities such as jet skin, para sailing and kayaking. I did the para sailing and really enjoyed it. Looks totally unsafe before you get up but I have done It again since and still love it. Something about floating across the ocean like a bird! Well minus the straps and big parasail wing above me!
Its a really good price I can really remember but it was reasonable and not too much and you spend a good amount of time in the air. Pretending to be a bird. Duh.

The last one is going to be in a different blog post as I have a lot to write about it. But its a must visit Tulum! The Mayan ruins. I was so amazed it deserves a whole blog post dedicated to it!

I love staying in Playa Del Carmen its much more a relaxed vibe than Cancun and more a slow pace of life. I think I will be back once again!



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