Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Thomson Airways Preumium Club: Is it worth the extra money?

Thomson is the world's largest charter airline, offering scheduled, charter flights from the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland to destinations in Europe, Africa, Asia and North America. I have mostly always flew with them as its just a easy choice and I know I can trust them as nothing has ever gone wrong.

If you've been keeping up with my social media you will know I have just been to Mexico for 2 weeks! It was amazing I love it their. A long review of my Hotel and lots more will be up in the next week. So back to the main question that I know a lot of people ask before booking; Is premium club worth it? What exactly do you get?

The first Premium Club experience that you will get before even stepping onto the plane (long haul only I'm pretty sure) A bigger luggage and hand luggage for starters! You are fast tracked through security - completely separate queue from the other which took about 5 minutes for me! While the other line was lonnnnng! I defiantly had that feeling of " Thankgod for that" Lounges at the airport - I flew from (MAN) Manchester Airport they have the Terminal 2 – Swissport Lounge while it isn't as fancy as Gatwick it still is more quiet to sit round in waiting for your flight than in the actual building.

Priority boarding! I found this sort of a hit and miss. Lets face it we all know 50% of people who enter the airport will stand forming a queue thinking they are getting on 1st even if there seat is at the back!  Manchester airport had this under control they called out Premium club seat numbers to come first as that's what you pay for. As the gate number was called everyone got up and was forming a line! I was confused no way was all these people sat in Premium club.  Luckily staff made sure we got on first! As for the experience at Cancun airport ... that's another story.

 The main ones for me; The bigger seats and a lot more room to relax and might actual get a snooze! Bigger recline and pillows and duvets are supplied. (Once again only for long haul flights) A little pack of things you may need through out the flight ( I will leave this out for a nice surprise if you take a trip!)

The tv series and movies are the same as the economy class which I was abit annoyed at! I had watched them all already. Food and the service was really quite good. A fresh orange or sparkling wine is offered as soon as you sit down while others are still boarding which is a nice little extra. Your food will be served first with silver utensils with any drink of your choice of course complimentary throughout the flight! Food is specially prepared and no less than 4 courses! With a snack before landing.  It was much quieter and I felt more at ease as it was a stress-free journey.

If your in premium club your luggage should have a premium club tag on so your cases are put on first and come of first! Unfortunately  the girl at Manchester airport forgot to do that to the 2 cases I took! So arriving at Cancun airport I had to wait unlike the other premium club members! Abit disappointing! In fact the check in lady wasn't going to put the 'hand baggage tags' on till I mentioned it! 

All in all your paying either between £300-410 to have premium seats return on top of the price your paying for the flight in general. I cant remember how much I exactly paid I think it was around the £305 mark return. You cant go wrong if your looking for extra room to relax and a little special treatment!

I would recommend booking premium for long haul flights for sure it is worth the extra money.

Happy flying!!

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