Monday, 31 October 2016

Nip + Fab Glycolic cleansing pads

I love finding new skincare brands that help my skin and work. I have heard of nip+fab for quite a while now but have always been 50/50 whether or not to try any of there range out. After seeing someone do a write up about the glycolic pads that said they had been recommended them by a friend but they had been breaking her skin out, I noticed a lot of people jumped in and said the bad comes before the better! I totally agree with this so I researched a few more reviews and purchased them!

So the price of them is £12.95 on the nip+fab site for 60 pads although I have heard they do drop sometimes when on sale! Keep a eye out for that if your not too sure if your going to love or hate them.

My first thoughts? After a week of using one pad a night I noticed my pores had become a lot more bigger and visible. Long horror story short: I freaked! I went on google an youtube trying to look at reviews more in depth etc... I just kept using them and hoped for the best. They felt they was doing miracles to my skin so I went with it for the next 7 days.

After 2 weeks of using them my skin got a lot better and clear. I could not even believe my own eyes. I instantly told so many people about the brand and pads. How highly I recommend them and that they have totally changed my skin routine forever.

This was 2 months ago, today I am still using the pads I cant rave about them enough! They are sooo good! I take them on every trip I go on. They also have a stronger version of the pads which I am super keen to try and also a more mild range that I have been lucky enough to get my hands on which I will be posting bout soon.



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