Thursday, 1 December 2016

Daily shampoo and conditioner by dermalogica

I've talked about Dermalogica skincare for the longest time. It's a brand I can truly count on to rescue my skin needs all year round. Little did I know they have a shampoo and conditioner range! I mean if I trust them with my skin ... I gotta trust them with my hair care ...

I've had them sitting in my hair products to try draw for a good 2 weeks! I skipped the others as I was  too excited to try Dermalogica ...


The bottles have the classic design that dermalogica have been using forever. It's super clean looking that says high end as soon as you look. The shampoo retails at £19.80 while the conditioning rinse is priced at £20.70. So a lot of people have probably looked and thought what .. Really that much when you could easily get shampoo/conditioner at £5-10 or even less. 

Like all of Dermalogica products you get what you pay for and I can't stress this enough! It's like flying you book a economy seat for a good price your happy with it . Then you book first class and your even happier and it's so worth the money! 

No harsh chemicals are used in the products which means they won't strip your hair of natural oils ... I guess why I love them so much is I wash my hair everyday .. Yes we all have different opinions on how many times a week you should do that but personally I have always done this..  Hence the name "daily cleansing shampoo" I would say my hair is in pretty good hands for a everyday wash especially now.  The scents and products they have is amazing coconut, argan, avocado oils  to help make the hair stronger and purify the scalp. While the grapefruit and lavender leave your hair smelling like a tropical paradise .

Don't forget good hair days can make you feel like you can rule the world!!


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