Sunday, 25 December 2016

Merry Christmas

Merry  Christmas everyone! I hope everyone has an amazing day with friends, family or whoever it may be!

This year I decided to go out and buy a real tree! Which made me realise I should do every year! We bought a tree about 3 years ago that we put up every year.. but its just not the same as the real smell and the real thing. It makes it all come together! I put my tree up on the 13th which in some peoples eyes is too early and too late! You cant win?!

I haven't felt the most festive this year .. I guess as you get older the excitement of Christmas fades away! In some strange sort of sense. I didn't really have a chance to sit down and enjoy the whole Christmas period this year. Maybe next year.. somewhere on a beach.

What I am looking forward to and excited about is 2017 the new year. I feel like everyone has recently been saying how challenging 2016 was for them and how it opened there eyes to a lot of things. I kind of feel the same way. Almost as if this year was a run through for 2017. I was tested on a lot and realized a lot about myself and people around me as well as figuring out what I want for the future a lot more that I thought.

As we all do I have a lot of hopes, goals and dreams for the new year. Things I want to see, achieve and step more and more out my comfort zone.  For example I hope I stop drinking a hot chocolate nearly every single day! Although if there is any excuse to pig out for a good week I will take Christmas.

Merry Christmas!!


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