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Hotel Riu Palace Mexcio Review

The RIU Palace Mexico is set on Playacar’s to die for white-sand beach, and just a 5-10 min drive from Playa del Carmen. There are plenty of pools and different themed restaurants to try one of the reasons why people love RIU so much. When it comes to sleeping space, junior suites are the standard here.. so what's not to love aren't you booked already?  If you follow me on social media you would have known I went for 2 weeks in October ... also been before so I've had a lot of chance to note things down and make this a real review of both the hotel itself and RIU as a brand.

I arrived late afternoon after about a 1 hour 20 mins transfer from Cancun Airport which is really not that long. I felt jet lagged worse than ever I don't know the reason why still.. I felt like it for the following 3 days. Being welcomed is always a important first impression we received a welcome from the reception staff  but more off the doormen who knew who we was from a previous visit. We sipped our welcome drinks plus the extra drink we had been offered and I immediately felt at ease and that this vacation was well needed. My jet lag was really bad going to Mexico and returning to the UK for 3-5 days! It sucked as I felt I was totally out of my own body with it almost like I wasn't their but was. Luckily this is the perfect place and area to sit back and relax while watching the world go by.

Sneaky photo off the doorman! Who knew it was being took! Haha.

What are the rooms like at Hotel RIU Palace Mexico?

As I mentioned before the standard room is a 'junior suite' which is amazing and luxurious. If your wanting a bigger room then go for the 'suite' I believe the difference is a bigger room, bigger bed , a separate lounge area and also bigger television. If your thinking of spending quite a lot of time in your room then opt for the Whirlpool bath suites which has a Jacuzzi on the upper terrace.

I stayed in a room which is a suite which I ask for every time. I like where the room is and the view of the greens, sea and pool area.  The bathrooms are all open planned  which I have read a few people complain about as there is no privacy... you can ask for a sheet to be placed so its not as open.. but it was no problem for me and didn't want to spoil the look of the amazing room. Your room is regularly restocked for the minibar and liquor dispense.  The room is modern and up to date with everything. I really love the rooms in the palace hotels they are one of my favourites out of a lot of hotels.

I cant fault the rooms for anything the only thing I would say is being in a hot climate like Mexico you can expect a damp smell time to time .. this isn't just at this hotel or even just in Mexico.. expect it when travelling to a hot climate. Also we had a problem with a few ants about the room in one certain place, when I say a few I mean literally not a lot .. Luckily it was far for the sleeping area and only came about in the last few days but we did go to reception two times about the issue and explained. They asked for the room number and said they would make sure they get it sorted.. I'm not sure they did anything.. as we still had ants and we couldn't really smell anything like something had been sprayed  we did ask for the spray so we could do it ourselves but they refused and said house keeping would attend to it! So maybe they did.. who knows.

Staff at Hotel RIU Palace Mexico

 The staff  were so accommodating and made you feel at home so easily. Every single person we passed from the waiters to the garden staff greeted us with a big smile and a hello how are you? This scores big points for me. The hotel was quite busy at this month more busy than the last time I was their so its easy to feel like your inconveniencing staff when a hotel is busy with a lot of guests.  Every staff member at this hotel work to the highest standard I ever have saw. I think every single guest will notice how hard they do work to make sure everything is perfect for you the guest.

The animation team who work more hard then I have ever saw. They also make the whole experience for everyone Id say. They work from the morning to late at night ensuring you are entertained and having fun at all times. I take my hat off to them working long hours in the heat and never looking dull. What I would say which also when chatting to other people in the hotel they also found this is that the animation team seem to head for the big groups that are staying in the hotel. Maybe the ones they could have a laugh with and get them all going. So if your alone or in a two they did not seem to take any notice really.. this isn't a big issue and not something that would stop me from returning. Example I got approached and my 3 last days at the hotel by them and this was only because of a certain reason. I have to mention Cindy who is part of the animation team who has been there since my first visit! I was super excited to see she was still part of the hotel.. it was sad as I just got there and within 4 days she was going on vacation herself! All in all the animation team are great and keep your holiday fun and entertained.

The bar and restaurant staff were ever so polite and professional. I also should mention the spirits their are the real imported deal and lets not talk about how much they put in .. ;) They serve all the classic cocktails you would expect. They are also willing to make a drink they don't have on the menu if you know what goes in and then your getting it. The pool staff who bring you drinks all day long also stood out a mile for me.. once they know you and know what you drink you can be assured you will be topped up within 15 minutes or if your drink is empty. Sitting on the beach they come down with a selection of drinks often something for everyone's taste you cant go wrong.

It would be really good if I could drop some names but I couldn't possible remember most of the staff names as literally they all are in my good books. Edward from the restaurant was kind, friendly and the most loveliest person ever. Even the chefs took a second to make conversation and each night asked how was this makes all guest surely feel so welcomed.


The hotel has 2 weeks of different entertainment going on and then starts again. This way all guest can be assured they see a good show. The shows had been the same as last year when I visited and just as good.  The entertainment team have a few nights where they do the show and then there is nights when people come from outside to perform such as the Michael Jackson show which is a big hit for everyone and is really amazing.


Two main pools, two infinity pools and a swim up bar. The sunbeds were never a issue you are almost guaranteed a sunbed at whatever time you roll up. People putting towels on and leaving did happen but it happens everywhere almost .. but there was spare beds all around.
With 6 restaurants you wont be hungry. "Don Julian" restaurant with terrace to sit outside which is the main buffet which has a selection of every food almost. "La Dolce Vita if your into Italian food "Krystal" Fusion "La Bodega" Mexican  "Miyagi" Japanese  and the "Guacamole" beach steakhouse.

I tried all the restaurants the first time round so this time we went too the main one every night and went to the beach steakhouse for a change one night which was really lovely. I love the Italian restaurant as we all know I love me some Italian food.. really its getting out of control.

Grounds and Gardens

The gardens couldn't be more pleasing to the eye if they tried. The walks to and from the pool area, beach, food isn't so far so you don't have to expect tiring hot walks between because the resort is well designed to be compact without being crowded. I know some resorts are to big to walk around and it does ruin it in a way. The gardens are kept stunning and almost everyday they are being worked on. Can I steal the gardeners for my own garden please ?? Hotels on the beach of Playa Car all have a section of the beach so it ensures only hotels guests can use sunbeds at this area.

 I would say don't leave your personal belongings on the beach if your going for a swim .. such as electric devices. This is a norm wherever you travel too I guess you could say. I mention this because for one you can never be to sure and for two men come around and try sell stuff. I heard this isn't allowed but there was no one really around to tell them no and to get off the beach area? This isn't the hotels fault of course but still worth a mention.  It can get quite annoying when trying to relax and people are literally stood over you repeating the same line as they did 10 minutes ago. Again not a big issue and has definitely been worse elsewhere I've visited.

Things to know when in the Hotel

Wi-Fi is free all around the hotel and always worked perfect for me.

You can visit other RIU'S in the area for a change if you feel like your  repeating each night although as this hotel is a 'palace' no one can come in I am to believe? I did visit all the other RIU'S and had a drink but came back as the palace is one of the best I had to admit. The palace hotel is a more quite relaxed vibe while others have a lot of guests in and a lot of party makers.

24HR all inclusive there is a room that is open all night for you to get midnight snack at all times.
If its your first time to Mexico in Playa Car and your not so sure about where to stay .. I have recommended this to a few people I know who has asked me who are going to try the hotel! yay.

Here are some links that may interest you:

Will I go back?

Yes if I'm looking for a vacation that I know will all be good and safe with nothing to worry about in the area then you can count on it.  I do however want to try new places in the area but for my own personal reasons and its interesting to see what other places are like.  But stick with the company RIU for new places I will visit as I feel RIU wont fail me.

I hope this review helps anyone booking their own holiday at Hotel RIU Palace Mexico I promise you won’t be disappointed with this Hotel or the area which I have previously spoke about here. RIU should be proud of this Hotel as its one of my all time favourites with amazing staff.

I look forward to my next trip with RIU in a new destination and also look forward to returning to this hotel in the future.

Happy Holidays


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