Monday, 9 April 2018

Charcoal Detox Line: Iroha Nature Review

I am always on the hunt for a new facemask or a new skincare brand whether that be high end or drug store. You will never know unless you try it. If you read my blog, keep up with my social media or just happen to be a real life friend you will know I am facemask crazy. My skincare draw is just full of different brands I'm yet to try.

A beauty trend is for sure charcoal right now. I've used charcoal based products for a few years now being in the form of skincare and teeth. You cant go wrong! You know exactly what it is unlike a lot of hidden ingredients in things these days. Iroha Nature are a skincare company with their products ranging from sheet masks to foot masks.. who doesn't love a good foot mask huh? Head over to using the code LOLLIESTYLE20 for 20% of anything until the 20th April.

They kindly sent over there full charcoal range. Little to say I dug deep into the pamper session straight away.  First things first the Iroha Black Peel Off Detox Mask is a miracle to say the least. I am sure you have all heard the craziness of these peel of masks that look super painful.
The Iroha mask did not hurt so much as I hyped myself up for. You can play this mask out however you please, all over the face, just your t-zone or the blemish prone areas. I went with all over .. cause why do anything half in life? ;)d

I left it on for 30mins or till I felt it was all dry. My skin "touch wood" has been really great lately. I've changed my whole skincare routine and currently taking tablets to help it along. It seems I've always been fighting with my skin ever since I can remember ... its not amazing but it for sure is the best its ever been. Its glowing and I've received a few random complement's of strangers. I must be doing something right.... for once.  As I take the peel mask off I can see it has removed some dirt but most of all how smooth and plump it leaves my skin feeling. How is this only £4.99 ?!

The actual packaging got me a good 5-10 uses out of it. So worth it! The only downfall for me was once opened it couldn't be fastened, seems like a common issue for a lot of brands.. not too sure why?
Ok, anything sparkly is a yes to me! This cute makeup bag or whatever you please is amazing! It fits all the products they sent me which helps to keep my skincare draw just the littlest bit organized ;)

Nose strips! I mean I think I get abit too excited over strips.. but they can do wonders. I use nose strips 2/3 times a week, I don't know if that's to little or much but it seems to be keeping my skin looking good so guess I will stick with it. I checked out some of the reviews before trying them and seems like everyone loved them and would repurchase!

Okay, actual devil eyes in this photo.
I was so satisfied with the results ... this is the best charcoal based nose strip I have ever used. I usually spend around £12 on a pack of 5 from a high end brand, that do a little something but not as
much as the Iroha did. £5.99 for a pack of 5? I'm sold.

 I am so amazed at how good value this brand is for what it does. I am stocking up for sure. I am also so eager to get my hands on all the other products they have!



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